Private, Hybrid, and Custom Cloud

The true promise of the cloud is the ability to quickly and easily scale computing resources to match changing requirements. Leverage the power of the NetVigour Hyper-V Infrastructure and our years of Enterprise IT expertise to build your own private or hybrid cloud environment. Whether you’re hosting a complex web application, a development and testing environment, or want to start moving your in-house servers and resources to the cloud... we can get you on your way.

Common Business Scenarios

Web Applications

NetVigour has provided scalable private cloud environments for both simple and complex web applications. Let us architect a multi-VLAN cloud environment with load-balanced web servers, back-end SQL Server, and the complete suite of managed services you’d expect including firewalls, backups, monitoring, and more. With a deep foundation specializing in ASP.NET and SQL Server development, let our experts help you architect a highly-available solution.

Remote Desktop/Citrix

Have an existing published application infrastructure that you want to move to the cloud? Move your existing environment or let NetVigour architect a Remote Desktop/RemoteApp solution for your business.

Hybrid Cloud

Do you want to extend your in-house data center or server environment to the cloud? Or perhaps, migrate to a fully cloud-based data center over time? NetVigour data centers support the IPsec and leased line options to make it happen in a secure fashion. Within our data centers, you’ll be provisioned on fully private VLANs with complete isolation and confidence. We can help with seamless moves of your existing file servers, email servers, LOB application servers, database servers, and more.

Regulatory Compliance

Let NetVigour help you achieve regulatory compliance for your applications. All infrastructure is housed in SAS70 Type-II audited facilities where we can implement sophisticated security mechanisms like two-factor authentication, audit/access logging, file system/database encryption, and more.

Private and Hybrid Cloud Features


IPsec, leased line, and client VPN options to allow connectivity to your environment.


Private VLANs and complete network segmentation, managed firewalls, 24x7x365 monitoring, managed updates, NetFlow monitoring, and IPS are all available.


Rest easy knowing that your mission-critical servers are running on the NetVigour Hyper-V Infrastructure.


With deep experience in P-to-V conversion, we can help move aging server loads to a virtualized platform. Or, move a mix of physical and virtual servers to your Private/Hybrid Cloud.

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