Hosted Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync provides real-time communication, presence, and sharing for your company. Thanks to its seamless integration with Outlook you can instant message a quick question to a coworker with one click, start an audio or video conference among employees in mere seconds, or share your desktop to collaborate with a coworker down the hall or around the globe. And thanks to its roots in the enterprise, Lync is 100% encrypted from end-to-end for maximum data security and works equally well on Windows or Mac.

Standalone Lync plans start from $2.95/month per user, or get Lync as part of a cost-effective NetVigour Complete Cloud™ bundle with Exchange and SharePoint.

NetVigour Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice

Want to take Lync to the next level? In addition to the standard NetVigour Hosted Lync features outlined above, NetVigour Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice can be the complete business-class VOIP phone system for your company featuring business-class call quality over wired or wireless networks, unlimited domestic calling to any phone number, auto-attendant for your business, voicemail and missed call notifications integrated seamlessly into your Inbox, free included conference bridge for your company, and much more.

You can use Lync software and a headset or ear buds as your phone, or choose from the growing line of Polycom cx-series Lync Phone Edition devices for a traditional desktop or conference phone experience.

Lync Enterprise Voice plans start from $17.95/month per user ($24.95/month for unlimited domestic calling), or get Lync Enterprise Voice as part of a cost-effective NetVigour Complete Cloud™ bundle with Exchange and SharePoint.

Microsoft Lync Features

Instant Messaging
Engage a whole group of users in a conversation

With NetVigour Hosted Lync, you can securely instant message one coworker or engage a whole group of users in a conversation with a single click. Instant messaging easily replaces those short, back-and-forth emails that clog your Inbox, making quick communication a lot easier. And best of all, you can automatically set all of your IM conversations to be saved in a folder right within Outlook, making keyword searches for past conversations a snap.


At a glance, NetVigour Hosted Lync lets you see who’s available and who isn’t. Thanks to the tight integration between Lync and other NetVigour applications like Exchange, SharePoint, and Dynamics CRM you can initiate a Lync conversation from within any of these applications and see whether a user is Available, Away, Offline, or In a Meeting.

Extend Lync beyond your corporate boundaries

NetVigour Hosted Lync can easily extend beyond your corporate boundaries. A long list of large and small corporations use Microsoft Lync for collaboration and are enabled for federation. In this way, you can enjoy the same IM, conferencing, presence, and sharing features with partner companies, customers, and most any other organization who uses Microsoft Lync. Simply type in the email address of a user outside your organization who uses Lync and you can enjoy all the same collaboration capabilities!

Audio and Video Conferencing
Place audio or video calls to other Lync users

A modern workforce is often scattered across town, across the country, or even around the globe. To bridge the gap, NetVigour Hosted Lync allows you to place audio or video calls to other Lync users with a simple click. With support for HD video and full-duplex audio, conversation between two or more Lync users feels natural…without the hesitation and awkwardness of many video conferencing solutions that cost far more.

Desktop and Application Sharing

Need to collaborate down the hall or half a world away? Simply share your whole desktop or a specific application on your computer with another NetVigour Hosted Lync user and they’ll be looking at your screen in seconds. You can even choose to give the remote user control of your desktop so they can provide simple IT support, add some text to your document, etc. In addition to sharing some or all of what is on your screen, you can share a whiteboard to other Lync users for sketching, share a deck of PowerPoint slides, or simply share a quick file.

Take Lync with you

Thanks to the free Microsoft Lync app for Apple iOS or Android, you can connect from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device effortlessly! Simply go to the App Store, download, and install…now start sending and receiving NetVigour Hosted Lync IM and audio/video calls right on your mobile device.

Lync Enterprise Voice Features

Make and Receive Calls to
Any Phone Number
Receive Calls to Any Phone Number

NetVigour Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice turns Lync software into your business class phone system. Make and receive phone calls with any domestic US phone number or international number (competitive international rates apply) with high definition, full duplex call clarity. You already host your email, website, applications, and files/folders in the cloud…why not your business phone system too? And the best part: since Lync uses the latest VOIP (Voice over IP) technology, when you travel just open your laptop and your desk phone goes with you…thus allowing you to work from anywhere!

Want a Traditional Hardware Phone?

Sure, you can use NetVigour Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice with just the software and most any wired/Bluetooth headset that works with your computer. But if you spend much of your day on the phone, you’ll likely appreciate the form factor of a traditional hardware phone. NetVigour recommends and sells the line of Polycom cx-Series phones designed and certified by Microsoft for use with Lync Enterprise Voice:

  • Polycom CX600: The NetVigour recommended executive desktop phone featuring Polycom HD voice. Polycom CX600
  • Polycom CX500: The NetVigour recommended common area, reception, or hallway phone featuring Polycom HD voice. Polycom CX500
  • Polycom CX300: A low cost option that gives your users the comfort of a traditional phone with the power of NetVigour Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice. Polycom CX300
  • Polycom CX3000: The NetVigour recommended conference phone with superior microphones and featuring Polycom HD voice. Polycom CX3000
Use New or Existing Phone Numbers

NetVigour can provide a contiguous block of direct inward dial (DID) phone numbers for your company in any area code in the US and over 70 different countries around the globe. Have locations in different cities and want numbers in multiple area codes? Piece of cake…we’ll give you a choice of the best numbers we can obtain in each area code so you can have an easy-to-remember main number and a contiguous block of DID numbers for your employee’s direct lines. Have international employees and you want localized phone numbers in their country? No problem, we can provide numbers around the globe. And of course, if you already have established phone numbers with your in-house phone system or another telephony provider NetVigour will port those numbers to our Lync Enterprise Voice service seamlessly so you don’t miss a single call during the transition to NetVigour Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice.

Business Class Features You’d Expect

NetVigour Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice supports all the business-class features you’d expect in your phone system. In addition to industry leading call quality and an Enterprise-grade infrastructure, you get sophisticated call forwarding/simultaneous ring features, call management such as transfers and prioritization, hold/mute options, voicemail directly to your Inbox, team calling and call delegates, distinctive ring for different groups types of callers, powerful call detail reporting (CDR) so management can see exactly what calls are being made and who’s making them, and much more.

Unified Communications
Unified Messaging in Outlook

Managing your email in Outlook and your voicemail in a completely separate system is so 20th century. With NetVigour Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice, your voicemails and missed call notifications are routed directly from the Lync infrastructure to your Outlook Inbox. So no more dialing in to check voicemail…just look for those voicemails organized right in with your email in Outlook or on your mobile device.

Sophisticated Auto-Attendant &
Call Routing

Because it’s designed for business, NetVigour Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice gives you powerful options for your main business number and call routing. A NetVigour engineer will work with you directly to architect an auto-attendant or hunt group for your business’s main number that meets your precise needs. You can have a multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) option tree to route calls by department or group, a dial-by-name directory, calls that route to a whole group of employees in a specific order (such as a sales team), and much more. Need a toll free number for your business’s main number? No problem: we’ll port your existing toll free number seamlessly or we’ll find you a great new one (competitive per minute rates apply).

Conference Bridge

NetVigour Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice truly is a unified solution for all of your communication and telephony needs. In addition to all the features above, you can use your included conference bridge number to host conference calls for up to 25 users. Both employees and users outside your organization can easily dial in to your conference bridge number. And, your conference bridge number will be a local number right in your area code for the professional look…not some strange number from an area code far away like most “free” conference services. Best of all, you can schedule your conferences right through Outlook with one click.

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