Cloud-based desktop environments and application publishing.

Simple and secure access to any application or your desktop...from any device, anywhere.

Remote Desktop & RemoteApp

More businesses are realizing the benefits of moving their mission-critical applications to the cloud each day. As a pioneer in the field of Remote Desktop, VDI, and Microsoft RemoteApp publishing NetVigour has the experience to help you do it right. More than just building up a simple Remote Desktop server, NetVigour’s implementations are secure, highly scalable, and locked down by employee role to maximize worker productivity while ensuring data security. All this, plus a simple management experience that doesn’t require you to maintain a whole IT department.

Remote Desktop / VDI

A NetVigour Remote Desktop solution allows your workers to access their business desktop from any Internet connection, on any device: from the computer at their desk, the computer at home, or any mobile device. If you have numerous documents and windows open on your Windows desktop at the office and head home, just pick right back up where you left off from your home computer. If you want to access your full Windows desktop via your iPad while on the road, no problem. Need employees in different offices to have access to the same accounting application? A NetVigour Remote Desktop solution is a perfect fit.

Your company can run all of the applications you’d expect such as accounting software, ERP systems, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and various other line-of-business applications just like normal...except now you rest comfortably knowing that all of your data is securely housed on the rock-solid NetVigour Hyper-V infrastructure and your users share common application experiences and versioning, thus dramatically reducing your IT support costs. And, when you pair a NetVigour Remote Desktop solution with other NetVigour Complete Cloud solutions such as Exchange, Lync Enterprise Voice, and SharePoint document libraries you have a complete cloud-based IT solution for the entire business.

Perhaps the true power of a NetVigour Complete Cloud solution with Remote Desktop is best experienced in person.
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Remote Desktop Features

User experience

A Windows 8 or Windows 7 user experience... your choice.

Standardized versioning & simplified updates

All of your users can now run the same version of applications. Furthermore, updating a complex or custom application across tens or hundreds of users is now easily accomplished in one place.


Backups, firewalling, 24x7x365 monitoring, and the complete suite of managed services you’d expect from the NetVigour Hyper-V Infrastructure, upon which our Remote Desktop solution is based.

Role-based user access

Restrict specific groups of your users to specific applications or specific shared folders by job function, department, etc.

Simple management

Once a NetVigour Support Engineer has worked with you to break out your applications and data by job function or department, management becomes as easy as adding or removing a user from a functional group in our sophisticated web control panel.

Local printing

No business desktop solution would be complete without seamless printing to local printers, network printers in your offices, and even specialized printers and copiers.

Access from anywhere

Your NetVigour Remote Desktop environment is accessible from any popular client platform including existing Windows computers, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, and more. And since it’s lightweight, even a basic Internet connection will provide great performance.

Telecommute/inclement weather

Enable productivity from home by letting your employees easily connect right in to their workplace desktop and applications from home.

Boost productivity

Lock a user’s experience down so they can only access the applications and files they need to perform their job function. You can even limit the websites that users can visit, and more.

Reduce costs

Extend the life into aging PC’s by moving to a NetVigour Remote Desktop solution. Reduce onsite IT support costs considerably by moving all critical applications to the more in-house servers to manage and help desk support is just a call or click away with NetVigour.


Rest easy knowing that all data your employees are working with is securely housed in one of our Enterprise-grade data centers and can’t be easily copied to a local disk or USB drive (optional). All communication with your NetVigour Remote Desktop environment is encrypted from end-to-end.

Microsoft RemoteApp

Similar to a NetVigour Remote Desktop solution, RemoteApp technology allows your employees to securely access their applications from any location or platform in a secure manner. The difference, however is that applications published via RemoteApp do not run in an entirely separate cloud desktop space: rather, they appear to your users to run right on their local computer.

From any Windows 8 or Windows 7 PC, applications that are published from NetVigour data centers will show right up in a user’s Start menu or on the Start screen, just as though they are “installed” locally. Minimize, maximize, and move the application window around just like any other locally installed application. And if you have a computer older than Windows 7, no problem just log in to the RemoteApp web interface. RemoteApp also provides a great way to access your Windows-based applications from your Mac!

Remote Desktop or RemoteApp? How best to implement a cloud desktop environment in your company? While the choices can seem complex, let a NetVigour Expert guide you with ease through the whole process. Give us a little more information below and we’ll tailor a live demonstration to your precise requirements.

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