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NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 is a versatile technology that organizations and business units of all sizes can use to increase the efficiency of business processes and improve team collaboration. With tools for collaboration that help people stay connected across organizational and geographic boundaries, NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 gives people access to information they need.

With NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013, your employees can share and access documents securely and from any computer or mobile device. Non-technical staff can easily automate key business processes with shared calendars, contact lists, Microsoft Access database publishing, email alerts, workflows, and much more. Use NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 to create a secure company intranet for disseminating information, a secure document repository in the cloud for your business, or create a portal where your customers can log in to view documents and information pertinent to their projects. To see some of the more common business scenarios addressed by NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013, click the "Business Scenarios" tab above.

NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 Features

Cloud Storage

Store documents and folders in the cloud.

Mapped Drives

Documents and folders can be access via a mapped drive, just like a traditional shared folder on your network.

Version Control

Document version control, so you can revert to a previously saved version.


Subscribe to alerts so that you are notified when certain documents are added, changed, or deleted.


Grant users permission to your site, whether they are an interal employee, a customer, or a vendor.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Access and edit documents from any computer (Windows or Mac) or mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Droid, etc.)

Calendars & Contact Lists

Create calendars and contact lists that are accessible from the web or integrated right into Outlook.


Document check-in/check-out to ensure users don't overwrite each other's edits.


Create subsites for each department, customer, project, etc.

Email-enabled Content & Attachments

Email-enabled libraries and lists allow you to easily email content and attachments to your site

Business Scenarios

NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 is a feature-packed cloud platform that allows your business to automate and streamline many common processes. NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 also frees your files and key business information from the confines of traditional shared folders and VPN connections for anytime, anywhere, always secure access. While NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 can fit numerous business scenarios, a few of the most common scenarios are as follows:

Move your Files to the Cloud

Do you want to access your files from anywhere, with any device, and with the piece of mind that comes from knowing your data is backed up and housed in a secure data center? Does your mobile sales force need to access proposals and customer documents from the road? Does your technical staff need to access documentation while onsite at customer locations?

Free your business from the confines of traditional shared folders and mapped drives. Allow your team to work from anywhere without the need for cumbersome VPN, whether via WiFi, mobile broadband, or plugged connection. With NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013, your business can efficiently store all files and folders in the cloud:

Accessing your files is easy! Drag-and-drop your files and folders to/from the cloud just like any other folder on your computer.

Granular permissions so you can secure your data as you see fit.

Your files are keyword searchable for easy retrieval.

NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 features a Recycle Bin for easy deleted item retrieval.

Securely access your files from anywhere. Your data is encrypted from end-to-end.

Share files and folders in real-time between members of your team without the back-and-forth of emailing attachments.

Rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure in a physically secure SAS70 Type-II audited data center.

Many more features are included!

Access your files and folders from any OS or device including Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Droid, and more.

Eliminate the cost and complexity of a traditional in-house file server.

Backups are automatically performed every 4-hours and retained for 14 days by default.

Create a Company Intranet

NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 is an ideal platform for your corporate Intranet. Whether your team is distributed throughout an office or around the globe, NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 is the ideal cross-platform tool for disseminating data within your organization:

Create project and employee calendars with just a click.

Establish a searchable wiki where employees can easy browse/search corporate knowledge.

Subscribe to alerts, allowing you to be notified when specific documents are modified, announcements updated, etc.

Post company announcements.

Quickly create contact lists for sales contacts, vendors, etc.

Create document approval worflows for tasks such as sales proposals, vacation time, etc.

With NetVigour Active Directory Sync, your users can log right in to NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 with the same username and password they use for in-house resources.

Link SharePoint content such as calendars, contacts, and document libraries right into Outlook for a consolidated view.

Go paperless: NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 provides a great repository for moving scanned and photographed documents to the cloud thanks to email-enabled document libraries.

Easily create custom lists to track almost any kind of data for your business such as asset tracking, parts lists, or most any other data.

Provide a Secure Extranet for your Customers

NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 allows you to provide your customers with a centralized portal for their information. You can easily create subsites for each customer, project, or contract that allows specific customers and employees access. Provide a sophisticated portal for your customers where they can view project documentation, upload information, view invoices, and collaborate with your employees:

Granular permissions so that you can segment customer data securely.

Customers who have their own email accounts can even subscribe to SharePoint alerts so they are notified when new information is posted.

Easily create logins for your customers through the NetVigour Control Panel – as many as you want at no additional charge.

Develop a subsite template so customer sites are provisioned uniformly. You can even integrate SharePoint with other business systems to automate customer subsite creation.

Give customers read-only access to their portal while allowing your employees full modify access or set up most any other permission scheme you like.

What separates NetVigour Hosted SharePoint 2013 from the pack?

SSL encryption for complete data security from end-to-end

24x7x365 Monitoring via Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

4-hour snapshot backups retained for 14 days via Microsoft System Data Protection Manager

SharePoint infrastructure is housed behind two layers of Cisco ASA firewall protection

Optional NetVigour Active Directory Synchronization to allow for a seamless end-user login experience

Custom site branding available, such as or

24x7x365 support from certified experts

Load-balanced web farm and back-end SQL Server cluster for no single point of failure

Hosted in one of our SAS70 Type-II audited data centers with multiple layers of physical security, video surveillance, biometric security, and much more

With extensive development, customization, and training experience, let NetVigour's team of experts help you make the most of your NetVigour Hosted Exchange 2013 deployment. Contact a NetVigour SharePoint Expert for more details about our SharePoint consulting and advisory services.

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